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Lady Evelyn hosted trip

with temagami Outfitting CO.

The Lady Evelyn is a wild and rugged river system in the heart of the Temagami region in Northeastern Ontario. Humans have paddled these waters for over 3,000 years - the river meanders to an eventual end point at Smoothwater Lake.


We'll be heading down this river in search of wild Temagami brook trout. We'll be paddling, portaging, and fishing down the river system over the course of 5-days and 4-nights. This is a truly back-country fly fishing experience in one of Ontario's most beautiful regions. This is a CATCH AND RELEASE trip as the brook trout, although plentiful, are a precious resource in the area. There are four trips to choose from, each with five slots. Bring your friends and fam - details below!


This is a fully guided trip. You will be hosted by one of Temagami Outfitting's back country tripping guides and at least one member of the So Fly Crew. That's right. You're stuck in the woods with us. We'll be snapping pics along the way so you'll have a great memory when this is all over. All meals, canoes, shuttles to the river from Temagami and camping gear are provided.

Meals will be prepared for you over campfire. So Fly has now run this trip with Temagami Outfitting for five seasons and will act as your fly guides. Fly fishing gear, although happy to be shared, is not provided. Sure, we'll have a ton of flies, but coming prepared is key. Especially when ol' butter-fingers-Aldo dunks his whole box down a waterfall. 

2023 DATES


FLY GEAR - 1.jpg
  • 4 - 7 weight 4-piece rods with floating line

  • 3X - 5X leaders & tippet for dry flies/nymphs

  • 1X - 3X leaders & tippet for streamers

  • sinking poly-leaders; slow to fast sink

  • Indicators

  • Nippers and Forceps 

  • A Net. We're around, but if there are 5 guests and two of us we might not always be right beside you for that crucial moment.

  • Terrestrials Size 12-8: Chernobyl ants + hoppers 

  • Nymphs sizes 14-10: stonefly & pheasant tail style nymphs. Think brown and gold. 

  • Squirmy worms!

  • Streamers various sizes but nothing too huge 

  • Buggers, muddlers, marabou muddlers, game changers, strip leeches in black and olive. The main forage are sculpins and leeches so keep that in mind.

  • Good waders and wading boots. Not only for fishing but it makes for great rain gear and hopping in and out of canoes easy.

FLY GEAR -2.jpg
  • Headlamp

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Biodegradable wet wipes (Yilma's tip)

  • Camera OR waterproof case for your phone

  • Clothing - Layer up! It can be chilly at night.

  • Rain Gear

  • Knife or Multi Tool

  • Hat, buff, and Polarized Sunglasses

  • Toiletry kit (TP & Hand sanitizer is provided)

  • Good hiking footwear 

  • Your favourite snacks - There will be snacks but Aldo is a snack monster - be warned.

  • If you smoke cigars, Mitch will bring you one.


Price is $1750 per person + HST



To book head here:

Podcast of the first Journey

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