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Temagami Outfitting Co. is located in the main building - the heart of the town of Temagami, Ontario. 

Whether you're totally new to the outdoors, or an experienced tripper, you can find a customized trip through TOC, catered to your needs. 


From canoes to carabiners, Temagami Outfitting Co. has you covered. 



This is, as we said, a HUGE region of Northern Ontario. Temagami is filled with lakes, rivers and creeks to explore.


The region offers an abundance of fish species such as small and largemouth bass, rainbow trout, brook trout, aurora trout, lake trout, splake, walleye, pike, burbot, suckers, sturgeon - heck just about any freshwater fish you could want. 


The crew at TOC can help plan a trip around fishing, and of course you can do your own research on possible places to go. Research and planning will be your friend for a trip into Temagami, OR, you can join us for a fly fishing trip for brook trout in September.  


Temagami Outfitting Co. also owns and operates a fully licensed restaurant and bar, right out of the outfitting building. The bar and restaurant is called The Outfitter. Here you can get a delicious meal, enjoy a spectacular cocktail or cold beer, and kick back TOC style before or after your great adventure. What's better than that?


Reach out to Temagami Outfitting Co. if you're interested in a camping, paddling and fishing trip in one of Ontario's most beautiful places. 

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